Friday, 29 April 2016

Scrapbook page: carpe diem

Hello all

I made a scrapbook page today using a 12X12 handmade paper. I tried to use as much scrap as possible to embellish it.
Scraps used: a bangle, tags that come alongwith clothes, newspaper clipping (yes, it's the Vodafone pug), post-it notes.
 I used a stencil to first apply some modelling paste, and while it was dry, I sprinkled white glitter on it.

This is for #lulupuchallenges Challenge no. 60. It is inspired by their beautiful mood board. I loved the idea of overlapping circles and incorporated in the bangle and flower portion. In fact, you can see the circles everywhere in this scrapbook page! 

I hope you enjoyed this.

Thankyou for visiting. Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Birthday card: Pink polka

Hi everyone

I made a birthday card today: it's pink and it's polka.
I created this card for +luluputv Challenge#60. I used my 1" circle punch to punch out some thick vellum, which I then coloured using sketch pens. Sketch pens are water based pens. They are cheap and handy. However, if used on paper, they bleed out after a while, as water gets into the pores of paper. But same is not the case with vellum.

Don't forget to blend the colour using your finger or a wet wipe. I used plain old tissue tape to stick them to the card surface, and the colouring hid the tape so neatly.

I used some glossy accents on the stamped balloons and white sakura gelly roll pen to colour the sentiment.

 I used some shiny organza ribbon and a golden wire for more interest.
Since the panel was a bit smaller than the card bae, I coloured my card base using alcohol ink markers, so that it remains permanent.

Here is how it looks on the inside.

I got inspired by the translucent polkas on the moodboard for this Challenge.
They look so simple, and simple is definitely pretty!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Best Friends card #CRD 1513

Hey everyone

The parrot green on this paper is so bright! I have used a simple Hot off the Press stamp here on vellum. It takes a while to dry but it's worth it!
The butterflies have been coloured using #Staedler pencil colors!
You can buy this card at just Rs.100/- To know how to pay, please send an email.
Ships within 3 days of payment.

 I decorated the inner panel also.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Birthday easel card

Hello everyone! Today I will be showing you my easel card, with a window at the top panel. It was really fun to make.

 As you can see, the thick pearl holds the card steady in place.
I scribbled the word 'sisters' and used acrylic orange to paint over it, and glazed it with some golden paint, just for some shimmer, and to make my card more interesting.
Oh! I also added some shimmer over a printed sentiment for the inside panel:

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy! :) 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Art Journal Page: Last stage of love (Step by step tutorial)

Hi everyone

This art journal page is so simple and yet so lively. You don't need to be an artist to draw or paint these flowers. And the theme is just breathtaking, as it symbolises the last stage of love- death!

Step 1 is to draw flowers. You can do this on a plain piece of paper but I wanted the page to have some more character and depth, so I drew some plain, old, regular flowers on these pages of an old book using a  REGULAR GEL Pen, as the colours I have used here do not bleed the pen at all.

Here is how it will look at the moment.

Step 2 is to colour these pretty little things. Can you believe it, I used just 1 acrylic colour to paint all these flowers- red! Using different quantities of water with my acrylic colour, I was able to get this effect. I painted the leaves green. I drew only a few leaves, partly because I wanted the flowers to be the main focus and partly because I forgot drawing them. :P

The centre of the flowers needed more precise coloring. Lazy people like me do not want to use paintbrush in such small places. So I used Sakura gelly roll pens to colour the centre. Since the pen set does not have dark green, I resorted to a Camel dark green marker lying around.

Finally I painted the white space black! And oh the page comes out in its prettiest form.

But there seemed to be no space to put my sentiment, so I drew some white lines using Sakura gelly roll pen and then used some white texture paste to fade out a rectangle on my right page. And finally handwrote my quote, with a black gel pen flanked by a white gel pen.

To add more depth, i added white dots to the flower border. and here's a final look:

I hope it encouraged you to draw your own art journal and make something really bright and funky and pretty!
Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy~

Monday, 11 April 2016

Masquerade scrapbook page

Hey everyone! I made a scrapbook layout for a scrapbook project I am working on. The patterned paper I used here are Tradewinds by DCWV Inc.. A happy surprise was my latest purchase- Artistry ink by Shilpi. The stencil I used is by Faber-Castell.

Sunday, 10 April 2016


Hello everyone! Reading a book is so much more fun when you have a pretty bookmark. I made this one for a friend. While making a bookmark, I took care that the dimension be kept to a minimum. I hope it inspires you to create your own bookmark.

Just for you card #CRD1514

I just got this yellow fabric tape and couldn't wait to use it. Here, I have created a standard card decorated with handmade roses and punch flowers. The feather and the leaves just add depth and dimension to my card. A tutorial for the card is coming soon! Enjoy!